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  • Lancaster / Wi

Catalytic Energy Products

* Contact FCE for product pricing & quotes *

All catalytic energy products contain fatty acids, amino acids, sugars, probiotics, enzymes, & vitamins (A, C, D, E, & 9 B), but no genetically modified ingredients or added fiber.



Liquid Cornerpost

per lb or 5-gal bucket with 50-lb pour spout

Dry Cornerpost

40-lb bags

Liquid Cornerpost OCP

per lb

Dry Cornerpost OCP

40-lb bags

*Cornerpost products do not contain added minerals or iodine.

Note: dry cornerpost contains <20% naturally occurring fiber.


FCE energy blocks are made to restrict intake to about 1/3 lb per head per day to prevent overeating & control costs, making them perfect for free choicing to animals not seen on an everyday basis (e.g., bison, beef, etc.).


0% Protein
22% Protein
32% Protein

*Energy blocks contain added minerals & iodine.